Smart data analysis and automatic reports

Imago Insights is the data solution for insurers and MGA’s. Save time in meeting all reporting obligations while increasing the quality of your data for your own insight. You now have 100% reliable, validated data analysis and visualization – in real time.

Always up-to-date and compliant

Imago Insights helps insurers and MGA’s organize their data flows in line with the requirements of regulators. It has been fully developed with compliance in mind, today and tomorrow, and complies with eg. Dutch standards such as the NVGA protocol for data exchange and SIVI’s AFD model.

Through COBIT 58, Imago Insights complies with the regulatory good practice information security requirements. Monthly updates ensure ongoing compliance.


Work more efficiently with reliable data

As a user of Imago Insights, regulators know you’re in control. In addition, the reliable data on premiums, claims and risks you have also gives you a wealth of commercially-useful information.

  • 100% compliance: easily generate high-quality reports for all stakeholders.
  • Accuracy: generate accurate data and reports thanks to automatic validation.
  • Insight: analyze your portfolio by creating custom reports yourself.
  • Focus: decide for yourself which checks you do before data is processed in reports.
  • Efficiency: spend less time on administration and control, and more time on analysis.
  • Growth: increase your output without increasing your headcount.
  • Reliability: comply with Dutch market standards such as the NVGA protocol and the AFD model.

More features that our customers appreciate

All actions are recorded and made available for different users. Automatically build a dossier that complies with the relevant regulations.
Data quality issue monitor
Through the data quality reports in Power BI you can improve data quality and therefore produce more reliable reports.
Cloud solution
The availability of Imago Insights is guaranteed through the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.
QRT reports
Easily generate complete QRT reports to demonstrate the validity of your data.
COBIT 58 controls
Imago Insights uses 58 COBIT controls to maintain information security.
Power BI
The link with Power BI lets you create clear visual reports.
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The solution for data logistics, analysis and reporting for insurers and MGA’s
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