Sure about software

We’re Bugs Business, a trusted advisor and software partner for the insurance sector. We’ll do everything we can to make your work as efficient and enjoyable as possible. Our services include advice, support, plus a crystal-clear platform in which all data and functionality comes together.

Increasing numbers of service providers, proxy agents, insurers and insurance brokers work with our Imago software. One of the main reasons is that they no longer have to switch between applications; everything can be done from one integrated working environment. Which is fully configurable to your wishes, requirements and corporate identity. All Imago applications work seamlessly together, and integrate with other solutions such as CCS Level and ANVA.

A recognizable environment for everyone

All Imago software works on .Net, Microsoft’s open platform. For users, this means familiarity and ease of use. The Microsoft Azure cloud platform ensures maximum availability and minimum downtime. Your IT administrators will be happy with the level of security, flexibility, scalability and efficiency. In other words: everyone benefits!
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