All the input you need, in one place, immediately

Imago Forms offers a unified, smart approach for all your forms, which are also accessible online. By integrating the forms with your back-office, all entered data is taken care of immediately, so your processes run smoothly and are largely automated.

Get a grip on all incoming information

How many different forms does your office use? Claim forms, contact forms on your website, PDFs, Excel sheets… It’s amazing how fragmented the incoming information stream can be. Imago Forms puts an end to this, by transforming all your inventories into online forms. Regardless of whether your customers fill them in themselves via your site or together with an advisor – Imago Forms makes the process easy, clear and accurate.

For insurance companies, for example, we offer application modules on their websites, as well as smart claim forms. It’s even possible to integrate Imago Forms into your back-office, so you don’t have to manually process a request afterwards. In other words: straight-through processing up to and including the digital insurance policy in your customer’s inbox.

One single standard for all your forms

Imago Forms gives all your forms the recognizable look of your organization. And the entered data is processed directly in your back-office.

  • Automation: from the initial application to issuing the policy. Straight-through processing with fine-tuned protocols.
  • Niche selling: offer specific products through targeted websites (e.g. classic car or horse insurance).
  • Efficiency: smart forms save you a lot of work.
  • Positive customer experience: your online forms are easy to complete and attractively designed.
  • Integration with Imago Office: contact requests are automatically transferred to Imago Office.
  • Recognizability: fully designed in line with your corporate identity, so it really feels like your solution.

More features that our customers appreciate

Clear forms on every device.
Back-office integration
No more manual copying of data.
Tailor the appearance to your own house style.
Imago Forms integrate seamlessly with Imago Direct. Make things easier for both yourself and your customers with self-service forms.
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