The insurance software that works for you

Imago Office is the only fully-integrated working environment for insurance employees and advisors; a single software solution for all your daily activities. It allows you to save time, maintain a constant overview and give your customers the optimum advice.

Everything comes together in Imago Office

A clear dashboard at the front end is fully integrated with your back office and linked to all other systems you normally use. Additional applications are no longer necessary; you start and end your day with Imago Office.

To make things even easier, we tailor Imago Office to your business and the way you like to work. From managing insurance portfolios to handling your daily work inventory and generating quotations, Imago Office is easy, fast and error-free.

All your systems in a single central environment

Discover the convenience of having all information and tools in one place. With Imago Office, your front- and back office connect seamlessly. It also has the unique ability to link with almost every other app and software program you need.

  • Overview: the central dashboard displays all relevant information and gives you immediate insight into what’s happening with your customers.
  • Automation: Straight-Through Processing with accurate, fine-tuned protocols means automatic delivery of everything from applications to policies.
  • Efficiency: complete tasks in two minutes that used to take 20.
  • Real-time: data you enter is immediately visible and processed in your back-office.
  • Customer contact: 360° view of your clients from one central screen.
  • Flexibility: work in the office, at home, at your customer’s premises or on the go.
  • Growth: increase your output without increasing your headcount.
  • Support: take a firmer grip on stock levels, audit trails and signaling

    Ways of working: improve your internal collaboration.

  • Planning: always have a clear picture of your to-do list and priorities.
  • Transactions: receive support for all types of transactions, from requests and estimates to comparisons and updates.

Optimize every customer contact

The relationship dashboard gives you full insight into (CRM) data, at all times. Wherever you are: in the office, at home, at a customer’s premises or on the go. On a single screen. This makes it immediately clear which topics are most relevant to discuss. Notes from a previous conversation, a current estimate or an outstanding invoice: everything can be viewed directly in your dashboard.

In this way, you have everything you need to get the most out of every contact with your customers.

Always the right advice

You can easily compare products from different providers during meetings with (potential) customers. This gives them direct insight into the various insurance options and conditions, which makes it easier and faster for them to choose and seal the deal. They will also feel heard.

More features that our customers appreciate

Relationship management
Imago Office combines tools for insurance management and CRM within one environment.
Document Management System
Store your documents centrally and conveniently search through them.
Outstanding items and invoices
Bring all outstanding items and invoices together for greater clarity.
Time writing
Instant registration of time spent gives visibility and is essential for full transparency.
Appointments and SLAs
Immediately see whether there is an SLA and what it contains.
Claims handling
Clear overview of the (claims) file including damage/injury report, all notes and (e-mail) communication.
Rapid log-in
The link to your existing Microsoft Azure environment means you only have to log in once (single sign-on).
Cloud-based, hosted by Microsoft
Imago Office works any time, anywhere, on all your cloud-connected devices.
Signaling module
Customer data is linked to CRM data for segmentation and signaling.
Search function
Carry out extensive searches based on customers, policies, quotations and claims references (across multiple companies).
All to-do lists and action points are clearly prioritized on your dashboard.
Chamber of Commerce integration
Directly access data and download extracts from the Business Register.
Customer check
Automatically check whether your data is still up-to-date.
CED Connect connection
Directly enter a new claim via the CED platform.
Visit reports
Go through all policies and immediately create action points. Generate visit reports you can share.
Link Roy Data and fallback calculations
Manually search in Roy Data and carry out policy fallback calculations.
Financial Supervision Act compliance
A progress meter shows how many of the mandatory documents have already been saved.
Generate quotations
Easily create quotations for new or existing policies which are immediately ready for sending.
Appointments module
An automated appointment system for account managers.
Audit Trail
All actions are recorded and made available for different users. Automatically build a dossier that complies with the relevant regulations.
CRM checklist
All customer communication is stored centrally for the entire team to access.
Policy overview
Bring all the policies you want to discuss together in an easily-accessible way.
Tailor the appearance to your own house style.
Experience it for yourself
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