The insurance world has its own specific demands. Our Imago software has been specially developed to meet them, so you can work smarter and with greater ease. Discover the four Imago applications and how they work perfectly together within one unique environment, complete with customer dashboard, real-time data processing, STP policy processing, quotation generator and audit trail.

Strengthen the entire chain

Find out more about our three main applications: Imago Office, Imago Direct and Imago Forms. Together they strengthen the entire chain from insurer to employee, and from intermediary to end customer and prospect. Imago Insights completes this quartet by converting data into insights and reports for regulators.

More time for providing advice

  • Overview: it’s always clear what each individual customer needs. This allows you to approach them in a personalized way and increase the level of service you provide.
  • Efficiency: working together in one environment drives efficiency and job satisfaction. Copying data becomes a thing of the past and, thanks to the integration of applications, colleagues work better together.
  • Peace of mind: due to the simplicity with which applications link within Imago, your IT department spends substantially less time on management and maintenance.

Our customers

Service providers

Serve your agents and connected offices via a future-proof platform where you are in control, and which realizes efficiency benefits.


Give advice based on standard – or your own – products, and make use of a tailored workplace and a professional ‘my environment’.


Achieve operational excellence by working in a standardized way, and stay in control through a single platform.

Insurance intermediaries

A digital working environment for your employees, and a professional ‘my environment’ for your customers.

Experience it for yourself

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