Self-service with a smile:
Imago Direct

Combine the power of online service with personal advice

Take your online services to the next level with Imago Direct. Give your customers real-time insight into their data, as well as plenty of control over their own affairs. This lets you put greater emphasis on personal advice, while enhancing their experience.

The best of both worlds

Your customers no longer have to choose between online convenience and personalized service. With Imago Direct they get the best of both worlds: a handy online tool from their own trusted advisor. All screens have your branding, so it really feels like an extra digital service you’re providing to your customers.

Efficiency gains and service upgrade in one

Your customers do more themselves, so you have more time to advise them. That is, after all, your core business. This high level of personal attention allows you to differentiate yourself from competitors, both large and small.

  • Efficient: make huge efficiency gains – and increase your job satisfaction
  • Positive customer experience: customers can request and change information themselves
  • Up-to-date: customers always see the latest information thanks to full integration with your back-office
  • Business development: fewer customer calls and emails means more room for growth
  • Imago Office link: contact requests are automatically transferred from Imago Office
  • Flexible: configure Imago Direct to your specific requirements and create a unique experience for your customers
  • Specialization: thanks to its extensive configuration options, Imago Direct also functions perfectly in niche markets
  • Recognizability: fully designed in line with your corporate identity, so it really feels like your solution
  • Real-time: changes made by your customers are immediately implemented in the back-office
  • Speed: policies can be viewed in real-time

You determine how much customers can do

Applying for a new policy, making changes, submitting a claim… your customers can do many things themselves with Imago Direct. But they don’t have to! You define the exact level of their involvement. Everything can be fully configured according to your wishes. Even if you only want to make information transparent online and continue to perform all other activities yourself, Imago Direct is still a user-friendly, powerful tool.

Additional service channel

Imago Direct is equipped with a service page that allows customers to get in touch and ask questions. All requests are forwarded to your back-office team, placed in the general mailbox or designated as a task in Imago Office. In this way, you not only offer customers online insight into their data, but you also add an extra, convenient and fast contact option which helps them feel appreciated.

More features that our customers appreciate

Via a direct link to your back-office, all information is up-to-date and changes are processed immediately.
View policies
All policies are quickly visible in the overview; customers can then examine them in greater detail if required.
Invoices can be conveniently viewed by your customers.
Imago Direct works perfectly on laptops, PCs, tablets and smartphones.
Easy registration
Initial registration takes place via a number of simple activation screens.
When working with collectives, you can group them together on the policy overview, so that, for example, lease car fleets are all in the same place.
Updating customer data
Customers can easily adjust their data if any important changes take place.
Clustered relationships
A single customer can access multiple accounts, such as for different family members or enterprises. You determine the authorization levels.
Tailor the appearance to your own house style.
In-house management
Create and activate accounts from Imago Office by means of a direct link.
Generate an overview of customer login behavior in Imago Office.
Experience it for yourself
Instantly experience the ease and convenience of Imago Direct through a free demo.
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Thousands of customers with anywhere from 1 – 1000 employees, and one software solution

Inform, manage and communicate with your customers from within a single software solution. With Imago Office, back-end, CRM, advice and customer environment come together seamlessly.
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