Sure about software

Sure about software

We’re Bugs Business, a trusted advisor and software partner for the insurance sector.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an independent intermediary, proxy agent or insurer. One thing is the same for everyone: your customers trust that you have everything under control. Bugs Business gives you the digital tools you need to deliver on that trust.

We’re from the insurance world. We’re driven to provide overview and peace of mind. To ensure this, we developed a platform in which all relevant information is now fully integrated.

We know that you make the difference with personal service, advice and clear communication, and not with policies and product sheets. With our Imago software suite, you work more efficiently – with complete overview and insight at all times.

We listen to you in the same way that you listen to your customers. We support the way you work by configuring all modules to your requirements. For specific requests and further development, we work closely with specialized partners in data, software and finance. We strongly believe in co-creation within one large ecosystem of partners and customers. This is how we build long-term, organic partnerships.

Based on this philosophy, we also sponsor Trompenburg Tuinen & Arboretum (Gardens and Arboretum) Rotterdam, as well as the Blijdorp Zoo, where we adopted the azure butterfly. And we belong to The Pollinators national seed-sowing coalition to increase the well-being of the pollinator ecosystem.

Bugs Business creates the ideal conditions for growth, with solutions that strengthen your business. We help you shift the focus from administrative activities at the back-end to service and advice for your customers. That’s more than an efficiency boost; it’s a leap forward in service provision and job satisfaction. You can be sure of that. Just like we’re sure about software.